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Creative Contact Form is a responsive jQuery contact form with amazing visual effects.

  • I watched the demo for the Contact Form, it was just amazing. I signed up in September 2014 and paid for the Pro subscription, however, I never had a chance to use this plugin.

    Today I downloaded the plugin, installed it and . . . . . . it's a complete nightmare:

    1. No documentation. If you click the relevant link, you land on a page that says "The full documentation will be ready soon!" Just keep in mind that it's 5 months after purchase of the plugin.
    2. Extremely user UN-friendly. I'm a developer myself but I've not been able to figure out how to add custom fields to the form.
    3. Sheer wastage of time. The form shortcode doesn't work even if you try the basic form using the example form.

    I sincerely advise the developer of the plugin:

    1. Please just don't do this to your customers.
    2. Try to understand that your subscribers are Developers, Entrepreneurs and Site-owners - people who do not afford to waste even one minute of their time.
    3. Your current performance doesn't help you either. Don't forget that experiences and opinions in the internet world travel much faster than even paid advertisements.
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  • Hello,

    Sorry for the bad experience you had.

    There was a mistake in shortcode structure of PRO versions. I've corrected the issue, and updated the PRO package. You need to use shortcode structure [creativeform id="N"].

    To manage form fields, you just need to go to Creative Contact Form -> Fields.
    You will see the list of fields there!
    To re-order fields use drag and drop reordering. To edit field options, click on field name. You will see the list of options there.
    To add new field, use "New" button at top navigation panel.

    Documentation is in progress now. It ill be available soon!

    I' m sorry for inconvenience you had. If you need a refund, you can ask for it in PayPal, and I will make it!
    Best Regards,

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