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  • Hello,

    On the Email Settings, under "Email Subject", is it possible to have a dynamic Email Subject like "Online Security Enquiry - <Name>"
    So when I receive the email the "<Name>" shortcode will display the senders' name?
    Example "Email Subject":
    "Online Security Enquiry - Mike"
    "Online Security Enquiry - Josh"
    "Online Security Enquiry - Steph"

    Is this possible or we have this feature?
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  • Hello,

    Yes, you can use field's value in Email Subject, Use [FIELD_VALUE:FIELD_ID] structure, where FIELD_ID is ID of field. In your case it is ID of Name field. You can get ID's of fields from fields page:

    If ID of field is 7, your Email Subject should looks like "Online Security Enquiry -[FIELD_VALUE:7]"
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