Newbie to GSpeech - Queries & Humble Suggestions

GSpeech allows to listen any text from the site, and much more!

  • Hi Simon, I'm currently building a web project for the Royal National College for the Blind and have purchased your Pro Plugin to give it a go as an alternative to RokTalk and Browse Aloud.

    I will pass on any objective critique from the RNC to you privately via your email as I believe you have a very promising product with loads of potential.

    I love the simplicity on the front end but I have a few queries/requests. I understand that some may not be possible or I'm just being thick!

    1. I as a few others also think that the default setting to welcome a user on every page/page refresh is just plain annoying and just wrong. :) sorry! I would recommend changing the default to home page and play once.

    2. When I place "blank" in the settings box and paste the code into the page it breaks the template and displays the code. Is there a cleaner way to do this in wordpress that I am perhaps missing? Perhaps an options panel on each page/post below the editor. If left blank nothing plays, but allow a field to input text for speech.

    Code: Select all
    {gspeech style=1 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=2 hidespeaker=1}Welcome to SITENAME{/gspeech}{gspeech style=2 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=1 hidespeaker=1}Welcome REALNAME{/gspeech}

    3. I would like this plugin to hook into the Wordpress Menu System so by simply ticking a box on each menu item, the info entered into the Title Attribute box is spoken when a user hovers over the menu item. Problem is with hand coding the templates is that when they are updated it's back to the drawing board.

    4. When I click on the GSpeech Options title in the admin section it takes me to the Joomla page. Should it not link to or the respective section here in the forum.

    5. Speaker Icons. Plenty of options, you could do away with most of them, pick 5 very clean icons and let the Admin upload their own PNGs. Also @x2 graphics for retina screens need to be addressed. I would also like to set my own bespoke size as some users with visual impairments may find the icon a little small.

    As a Graphic Designer I have over 50 wordpress sites running for clients and can tinker with code but cannot programme. I depend on professionals like yourself to develop plugins that solve problems. I hope you find my requests useful. I have paid for a pro plugin regardless of my final choice of solution to this particular client problem :) Good work should be rewarded, especially when it's something that helps with accessibility needs.

    Kind regards,

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for your excellent suggestions.

    I will definitely use them on GSpeech next release.
    Best Regards,

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