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Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:22 pm

  • Hi,
    The problem I am having is Recaptcha is not working in Website A (Joomla with Artisteer template) in Creative Contact Forms. Recaptcha shows I am not a robot. Captcha-Recaptcha is set to version 2 which according to forum questions requires url-fopen in php.ini set to On. Because I have a shared hosting, my website host is very reluctant to set the php.ini to On. This is because url-fopen =on is a security risk for the website host. So I unpublish the field Captcha in my forms - That is a security risk for my site.

    Website B (Joomla with Purity III template) I was using Creative Contact Form - Captcha-recaptcha set to V2. Recaptcha not working. Changed to Joomla Core contact form and Recaptcha started working. No problems sending a contact form. Recaptcha shows I am not a robot.

    Website C (Joomla with Artisteer template) using Captcha-recaptcha set to V1. Core Joomla contact form shows recaptcha as an image of street numbers. works well.
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