How to create form with Tabs, Acordion, Multi-Page

Creative Contact Form is a responsive jQuery contact form with amazing visual effects. You will be surprised by count of all the possible features!

  • To create a form with Tabs/Acordion/Multi-Page, use Page Break field type.

    Go to CCF->Fields->Add New, chose field type to Page Break.

    Choose a Type of Page Break:

      Pages - will create a multi-page form with Next/Prev buttons.
      Tabs - will create a form with tabs.
      Acordion - will create a form with acordion.

    For forms with Tabs, and Acordion, use Page Title field, to specify tab/acordion title. Note that HTML is supported, so you can insert links there as well

    To create multiple pages/tabs/acordion just add another Page Break field.

    NOTE: It will split fields based on Page Break field's position in list of fields.

    Example: If Page Break is after field-2 in your field list, it will create two-pages form:
    Page-1: field-1, field-2
    Page-2: Field-3, ... , field-n

    Use drag&drop functionality, to reorder fields.

    Enjoy the result.
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