GSpeech still not working on wordpress site

GSpeech allows to listen any text from the site, and much more!

  • Hi there, I downloaded what I believe to be the latest version of GSpeech Pro and cannot still get audio on 4.5.2 wordpress. Please help.
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  • Hi,

    Please download last version again and install it.

    If you will have any issues, please give me live ur, where I can see the problem.
    Best Regards,

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  • I have the same problem plugin doesn't work.
    It added like 100 lines in code and has a lot of problem with js. scripts.
    Please could you check my website
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  • Ok!
    So i found the solution. It could be the same for others users.
    It Explains also bad review on (dosn't work bad plugin).
    I had to delete old jqurerry form plugin.
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  • Hi Simon,
    Using the last version it works now....

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  • Great!
    Best Regards

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  • I have installed the plugin but every time i want to reproduce the text it shows an alert "To hide a backlink please purchase a GSpeech PRO version"
    I have only put the post content like {gspeech}.....{/gspeech} without additional configuration.

    The post is in
    Theme used: Newslite
    Wordpress version: 4.9.2
    Plugin version: 2.7.1
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